Submission Guidelines for the OC Writers Blog

Do you have an upcoming writing event in the Orange County, CA area? O.C. Writers would love to promote it!

To submit an event for inclusion on the blog, please fill out this form. Submissions are due at least two weeks prior to the event to guarantee inclusion on the blog.

If possible, please include a jpg image sized to 1200×600 pixels to be used for the header of the post. Instructions to submit the image are included on the form.

Would you like to share your expertise on our blog? O.C. Writers is currently looking for blog contributors!

Topics must be in some way related to craft, publishing, or the business of writing and relate to the monthly theme. Ideas to consider:


  • Book reviews (must be related to writing craft)
  • Story structure
  • Grammar
  • World building
  • Dialogue
  • Etc.

Traditional Publishing

  • Path to publication
  • Query letters
  • Working with an agent
  • Working with an editor
  • Etc.

Independent or Self-Publishing

  • Path to publication
  • Hiring service providers
  • Cover design
  • Distribution methods
  • Etc.


  • Social media
  • Selling on Amazon
  • Promotions
  • Facebook advertising
  • Etc.


  • Productivity
  • Finding time to write
  • Tools and technologies
  • Giving and taking criticism
  • Finding beta readers
  • Attending conventions
  • Etc.

Have another idea? Shoot it our direction!


Articles should be approximately 500 to 1,000 words in length, and must be original content, created exclusively for O.C. Writers and related to the monthly theme. You may publish the same article to your own blog 30 days after publication on O.C. Writers, but we request that you link them to our website with the following statement: “This post originally appeared on OCWriters.Network, a network of published and aspiring authors.”

How to Submit

Pitch your idea to, no later than the last Saturday prior to the month of submission. Please include the full text of the blog post with a proposed title, the month and theme for which you are applying, whether you are interested in a one-time or recurring post, your bio, a jpg file of your headshot (if available), and an e-signed copy of the OC Writers Blog Contributors Agreement. Late submissions cannot be accepted.

In exchange for your guest post, you’ll receive:

  • An author profile at the bottom of the blog post, including your bio and picture
  • Link to your blog or website
  • Link to your book listing on Amazon
  • Promotion through the O.C. Writers network, including the group Facebook page and Twitter
  • Occasional newsletter promotion

We will also send you the link to the published version of your post and encourage you to promote the post via Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads or whatever social media sites you frequent.

Changes and Corrections

O.C. Writers reserves the right to request edits or changes to all submitted posts. We may also make direct edits for clarity, spelling, and grammar. We do our utmost to maintain the voice and intent of each author.

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