Mission Statement & FAQ

Our mission is simple

To create a supportive and informative environment for published and aspiring authors, poets, screenwriters, and other literary creatives in the Orange County, CA area.

What we’re not

  • Snobs – We embrace writers of all strips, polka-dots, geometric designs, and colors.
  • Navel Gazers – We’re a practical community. We unabashedly admit we like how-to posts as well deep, thoughtful articles about what motivates us to take pen in hand.
  • Paid – This community runs on volunteer work. We hope to bring in a small income some day from amazing affiliate products that we vet and you enjoy, but meanwhile…
  • Political – This isn’t the place to rant, sorry.

What we are

  • Open minded – Bring us your masses, your downtrodden, and your crazy ideas. If you’re willing to make it happen, it just might fly.
  • Open to submissions – You’re a writer. Write for us. We’ll promote your books, website, social media sites in exchange for your brilliant post. Check our submissions page. 
  • Nice – Which brings us to the rules.

The rules: 

These rules apply to all O.C. Writers Facebook groups, workshops, write-ins, and any other gatherings.

  1. Treat those who share their creative work with kindness.
    • In non-critique groups and forums: The foremost purpose is to support and encourage each other, as well as learn from one another. Act accordingly.
    • In critique groups and forums: Follow the critique leader’s guidelines for keeping criticism constructive and positive.
  2. Keep online language civil. Profanity will not be tolerated.
  3. Do not mock, demean, or accuse another member of wrongdoing.
  4. Limit self-promotion to Fridays. Other postings may be considered excessive and removed. We want to celebrate our members’ successes, but we don’t want to be overrun with self-promotion, either.