Independently Wealthy? Exploring the Alchemy of Self-Publishing

Bogged Down in Overwhelm? Take Smaller Bites.

by Megan Haskell Overwhelmed? When I first started writing, I didn’t have any idea how long things would take. How long would it take me to write 80,000 words? No Continue reading

Navigating the Fog of Publishing: Why I Chose to Go Independent

by Sheri Fink, Best-selling, Award-winning Children’s Author One of the biggest decisions today’s aspiring authors make is whether to go the traditional route with a publisher (whether large or small) Continue reading

The Write Mind: Sustaining a Creative Life

Confidence or Competence? What Women Writers Should Know

By Dr. Diane Rogers In the United States, women earn more college and graduate degrees than men. Women also make up half the U.S. workforce. Numerous studies show corporate profitability Continue reading

Independently Wealthy? Exploring the Alchemy of Self-Publishing

Resurrecting Your Books with Reviews

by Megan Haskell This is a repost of my November, 2016 post: Finding and Interacting with Reviewers: An Overview. I thought this would be a good review (haha, get it?) in Continue reading