The March Push

The O.C. Writers Monthly Update

It’s time to push into your best writing year yet. 

If you’re like us, you started the year with awesome plans and goals. But that was before the winter blahs hit. Colds, rainy weather, reality, any number of things can damper enthusiasm. 

The good news is spring is right around the corner. Our goal this month is to give you a gentle shove out of hibernation and back into action. 

Push #1:

Win a FREE seat in First Page, Lasting Impression revision workshop. Megan and I will be teaching a hands-on workshop to help you revise that manuscript you’ve been writing and rewriting since forever.  It takes a village to write a good book. Let us help!
Click here for more information. 

Push #2:

Wondering what works and what doesn’t in those opening pages of a story? Megan and I are going to critique the first few paragraphs of each others’ latest works-in-progress on the blog this month. Should be a fun experiment!  

Push #3:

The Creaky Hinge team will share how they maintain a healthy production schedule even with full-time jobs. No more excuses!

Push #4:

What are you struggling with? Character motivations? POV’s? Building tension in your novel? Ask your question in the comments and our editor in residence, Jennifer Silva Redmond, might choose it for this month’s Ask the Editor column!

Next Month

It’s time to freshen up around this place… have any fresh new ideas for the blog? Submit your article by March 30!

Click here for submission guidelines.

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