February – Romancing the Pen and Breaking out of the Red

The O.C. Writers Monthly Update

This February, We’re Seeing Red!

From time to time we fall into ruts: romantic ruts, lifestyle ruts, business ruts and writing ruts. This month our goal is to shake you up, bring back the zing, paint your life red.

We have some awesome posts coming your way, aimed right at the heart of things.

  • On the topic of getting your business out of the red and into the black, Phil Tucker tells his tale of becoming a full-time author with the successful use of pen names. And, Megan will update us on the results of her first BookBub featured deal.
  • The  Creaky Hinge horror writer duo are going all in on the red theme with a post on gore! Do you have to have it to thrill and chill?
  • Our Editor in Chief will be sharing how to avoid making your editor see red.
  • Award Winning Historical Romance author Alina K. Field will be talking about Leap Days – you’ll have to read her post to find out what that is
  • Greta Boris be continuing my series on the care and feeding of an email list with a post about writing from the heart.

Next Month

Share your expertise on the O.C. Writers Blog! March’s theme is “Growth”. What have you done to improve your craft, your business, your prospects? How do you plan to grow your backlist? How do you trim the overgrowth of words in your work in progress?

The theme is a prompt, but remember we’re looking for helpful posts on craft, publishing, marketing, business, and motivation. Click here for submission details, deadlines, and the theme for every month this year.

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