Back & Forth: Genre Branding

Back & Forth with Sven and Nevs

by Sven Davison

What’s your favorite item on the Thanksgiving table? Perhaps everything on the menu is the main attraction? Is there a strategy to eat without feeling stuffed? Can the concept be applied to writing? Is it healthier to stick a single genre, or will that create a stomachache for your career?

NEVS and Sven take up the debate.


Sven Davison, author and YouTube host of Author/Author

Sven Michael Davison, author and YouTube host of Author/Author

Sven Michael Davison is the author of Blockbuster, a satirical look at action films and the people who make them. He has also penned The God Head Trilogy, a post-cyberpunk tale that examines the darker side of singularity theory, mass effect, and artificial intelligence.

Sven spent many years in Hollywood trying to break into screenwriting while writing trailer copy for movies like Beavis and Butthead Do America and The Relic. He then launched the DVD Production and Content Group for Twentieth Century Fox and spent ten years managing the department where he was responsible for all special features on DVD, Blu-ray, and UMD media.

In addition to hosting the YouTube channel Author/Author, Sven is close to releasing a memoir about traveling to all seven continents in seven years as well as putting the finishing touches on a contemporary fantasy trilogy.

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One thought on “Back & Forth: Genre Branding

  1. Interesting. Hmmm… Either way, I think the most important thing is to HAVE a brand, if not for your readers, for yourself. A brand gives you focus even if your interests are eclectic. I read somewhere that if you ask yourself certain questions about your values, you will find that one thread runs through all of your writing, no matter what genre. (Now if only I could remember what those questions were! Maybe someone here knows).

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