Want Joy? Overindulge in Thankfulness

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by Greta Boris

Confession time: I’m a closet self-help, positivity enthusiast.

I pursue joy. You might think it’s strange that someone who writes dark fiction is an avid follower of uplifting podcasts, self-help books, and encouraging bloggers. Maybe I need them because I write dark fiction, but I think there’s another reason. I’ll tell you about that next month.

This month it seemed appropriate to write about one of the most well known joy builders – thankfulness.

Fiction is a wonderful but tough business. The highs are high and the lows are low. Learning to maintain a happy heart is a critical part of the job.

One thing I’ve found helps is to review my blessings. Not just the husband, kids, house, dog, kind of blessings, but specifically the wonderful things that have happened in my career over the past year.

Here goes:

  • I finished and launched the third book in The 7 Deadly Sins Series, The Sanctity of Sloth (Which reminds me how grateful I am for my publisher and editor.)
  • I spoke at six So. Cal. writing events – what an honor to be asked!
  • O.C.Writers threw it’s first author event to celebrate women writers
  • I taught two workshops at the Dallas-Fort Worth Writers Conference
  • I met my publisher in person for the first time
  • I wrote the first book in a brand new mystery series I’m very excited about (Am pitching to agents now. I’ll keep you all posted!)
  • I re-released a book for writers with the amazing Megan HaskellPUBLISH – Take Charge of Your Author Career
  • Megan and I taught 4 workshops at the Southern California Writers Conference (Whew – tiring but great meeting so many wonderful people.)
  • Megan and I taught our first private small group writing workshop (It was a big success and we’ll be teaching a revision workshop in January.)
  • I started my first co-authored fiction project with the inimitable Kristy Tate. 
  • I spoke at LitUP on Tuesday, Nov. 20th
  • I had my first contact with book clubs who chose one of my books for their monthly read

On the personal side of life:

  • My sister and nephew came to California to visit for the first time
  • My Dad came to visit
  • My husband’s company sponsored the building of a house in Mexico for a family in need
  • My daughter adopted an adorable puppy, so I now have a grand dog
  • I went to France for 3 weeks!! Amazing trip
  • The annual family camping trip went off without a hitch
  • My music duo, Eclectic Blends, got a regular monthly gig at a wonderful family restaurant – Stephano’s 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Writing this was so encouraging. Looking for more joy? I highly recommend you make your own list, and please share some of the highlights in the comments below.


Greta Boris, Director

Greta Boris Director

Greta Boris is the author of A Margin of Lust, The Scent of Wrath, and The Sanctity of Sloth, the first three books in her 7 Deadly Sins domestic suspense series. Her nonfiction work includes the Amazon Bestseller The Wine and Chocolate Workout – Sip, Savor, and Strengthen for a Healthier Life and PUBLISH: Take Charge of Your Author Career. She’s also the Director of O.C. Writers, a community of over 1,000 published and aspiring authors in Orange County, California.

You can visit her at http://gretaboris.com. She describes her work (and her life) as an O.C. housewife meets Dante’s Inferno.


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2 thoughts on “Want Joy? Overindulge in Thankfulness

  1. Well, Greta, I think your first sentence should be “I exude joy”.

    Totally inspiring accomplishments this year. I like how you classified this piece under “thankfulness”. Each of us, no matter what our energy level, can be truly thankful if we can look back at this year and appreciate where we were at the beginning and where we are now.

    I wrote a little children’s story a long time ago called “Polly and Measuring Stick”. Little Polly Petunia after being brought down to the ground with her measuring stick, learns to measure herself with herself, just as you did–where you were last year and where you are today. It’s the same spirit that’s expressed in the poem “Ulysses” by Tennyson: “to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”. On to a new year!

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