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As Greta said last week, we had a really tough time choosing our favorite writing contest submissions. However, in the end, we had to make a decision. If you missed it last week, our third place winner was J. M. Cools with her 4th of July cemetery celebration. Go check it out if you haven’t already. But now it’s time to announce . . .

Our second place winner is Cherie Kephart!

We loved the twist halfway through, and the way Cherie manages to first intrigue and then disgust us with her descriptions. It’s quite the surprise ending.


Burnished blotches of fluffy chocolate brown, cinnamon, and orange pirouette in decorative designs across her back. Napping in the streams of sunlight that peer in through the spotless window, her pale pink paws adorned by four cottony white socks stretch out into the arch of the glistening golden rays.

The guttural grind of the can opener rouses her. A rumbling roar erupts from her belly. With a muted yawn, she lunges into a downward feline and then struts with the soft grace of a ballerina on the smooth tile floor toward the kitchen. Her vocal cords separate as she takes a deep throaty breath, releasing her motor to its full thunder.

Her fawn-colored nose twitches, savoring the pungent aroma floating up from the Fancy Feast gourmet cat food: it smells like last weeks’ road kill blended with a dash of rotten bug guts. But she licks her chops and bounces like Tigger over to me as I reach down to pat her silken fur before gifting her the puke flavored pâté. Her coarse tongue plunges into the glistening blob of mixed meat variety and petite portions of the slimy gelatinous paste hang from her jowls.

Once she’s finished eating, we commune on the couch for our after dinner cuddle session. She nuzzles her head in close to mine and with a quick motion, she opens her mouth and licks me on the cheek. It’s warm, jagged, and reeking of vulture fodder.

There’s nothing fancy about that.


Cherie Kephart, MA, is a writer, editor, poet, and inspirational speaker, best known for her award-winning memoir A Few Minor Adjustments, and its companion book, The Healing 100: A Practical Guide to Transforming Your Body, Mind, and Spirit. By sharing her experience and insight, Cherie continues to inspire people throughout the world on their healing journeys. Stay connected at: www.CherieKephart.com

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