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The Crime Doctor, by J.C. De Ladurantey

We have exciting news!

Our own Crime Doctor, J.C. De Ladurantey, is planning a series of workshops for writers so we get those pesky police procedures right.

But he needs your help.

He’s conducting a survey to figure out what subject matters the Vollmer Institute should focus on. Please take a minute and rate the topics below from 1-5 (5 being the highest, or most interest.)

You can download a PDF of the questions here. Or, copy and paste the following into your email. Or, just email Joe your top five pics. (His email address is below.)

____ Introduction to the world of Forensics

____ DNA

____ Guns, handguns, long rifles and automatics, ballistics

____ What do writers get wrong?

____ Evidence Collection – what happens to it? Chain of Custody

____ Crime Scene Investigation Analysis

____ Fingerprinting, collection and analysis

____ Blood Spatter analysis

____ Trace Evidence

____ Strange death investigations, What happens at an autopsy?

____ Cold Cases and why they are so different

____ Maggots and the world of entomology

____ Crime scene sketching, facial sketching and composite drawings

____ Polygraph, deception and interrogation

____ Crime Scene Photography

____ Narcotics, Asset Seizure and money laundering

____ Human Trafficking

____ Use of Dogs, training

____ Criminal profiling, Serial killers, Mind Hunters

____ SWAT, when why and how

____ Constitutional Law

____ Less than lethal weaponry use

____ Police Procedures, Arrest Tactics, Control holds, shoot don’t shoot, shooting investigations, police pursuits, use of force

____ Difference between what local PD’s do, County Sheriff, State agencies and the Feds

____ How to become a CSI

Other ___________________________

Please email your results to Joe at  jc.del@cox.net

Thank you for participating. We will let you know the results of the survey and announce the first series of classes based upon your input. The Academy will be conducted on a Saturday for 4-6 hours in November 2018.


J.C. De Ladurantey, Author

J.C. De Ladurantey, Author

Joe De Ladurantey

The Vollmer institute is committed to Criminal Justice Professional Education. The Forensic Science Academy at the Vollmer Institute is planning a series of workshops for crime writers and those interested in how crime scene investigations are really done. The workshops are specifically designed for writers, authors and those with aspirations to creatively approach the genre of crime, police procedurals, mysteries, fiction or non-fiction and other mysterious writings from the pen or keyboard.

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