September: Our month of Education

The O.C. Writers Monthly Update

Summer is over and we’re sad to see it go, but now’s the time to review our goals, reboot, and get re-inspired. September is our month of education!

What do you do to improve your craft? How do you stay on top of the latest marketing best practices? What do you need to learn to take your career to the next level?

This month, we’ll be answering all that and more.

OC Writers Contest Winners!

We’ll be announcing the first, second, and third place winners of the first OC Writers Writing Contest in the blog. You didn’t make selection easy! There are so many great entries. Each week we’ll treat you to another submission to inspire your own descriptive writing.

Writers’ Crime Lab

OC Writers’ Crime Doctor, J.C. De Ladurantey, is planning a Writers Crime Lab. If you have any fictitious felonies in your stories, you’ll want to take advantage of this. A survey will be coming your way soon to help him determine what to offer.

Take Charge of Your Author Career!

We’re excited to announce a new workshop series coming in October at Patch Coffee in Lake Forest. Whether you’re struggling to get organized, meet your writing goals, develop realistic characters, understand the three act structure, or navigate the brave new world of publishing, we’ve got you covered.

Read more about our Fall Workshop Series here.

Next Month

It’s all about Thrills and Chills next month. How do you amp up tension in your work? What thrills you most in other’s stories? How do you chill when you’re submitting your work? Submit your articles to Megan@OCWriters.Network by Saturday, September 22nd.

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