Inspired to Write? Then you need a website!

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by Elizabeth Conte

”If you can’t be found, nobody can discover you,” says Mary Jaksch in her article, Creating Author Websites: The Definitive Guide. The problem with most aspiring authors isn’t that they can’t write something great, but that nobody knows they can.

The business of writing is something most writers overlook when they start. Don’t! You may be thinking about writing your first novel, are in the process, or even starting to query, but it is never too soon to start your brand marketing. An author’s website is a key marketing tool that every author needs.

Own your name

You might not be famous just yet. But your name is your identity to your writing. Get yourself a domain name and own it, whether it’s your name, your book title, or however you choose to market yourself– own your identity. Domain names are inexpensive and there are many competitive sites to choose from. Don’t’ know where to start? The Book Designer’s article, How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Author Website will help you through the process.

Get digital

It’s the 21st Century and digital communications is here to stay. If people want to know something, they look it up– on the Internet. So why would it be any different for readers? Whether they read a book, an article, a Tweet, if someone likes what you do, they will want to know more about you. If you aren’t digital, you aren’t relevant. No excuses that you are too old, too busy, too computer illiterate. Learn the technology tools of the writing world of today. There are numerous websites like WordPress or Wix that make it easy for even a novice to build a website.

Build it and they will come

“Websites give authors credibility and act as their home on the web, directing information-seekers to where they can buy the book, connect with the author on social media, or book the author for a speaking engagement,” explains Chris Sigrids. A website is also the place where you control the narrative of who you are, what you write, and how you want an audience to know you. Whether you have a book to promote, or your author identity, an author’s website should contain key elements. Jane Friedman lays out key components to creating an author’s website. Find out more in the article, 11 Author Website Must Have Elements.

Learning new skills on the computer, building a platform, keeping your social media presence alive can be daunting, but experts say that a website is one of the most important tasks for aspiring writers.


Elizabeth Conte

Elizabeth Conte

When I am not writing books, tormented with poetry, or inspiring others with my blog at, you can find some of my work published in Lost Coast Review and PennWriters, and I am a regular editor/contributor to Industry News for Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA).

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