Love, Love, Love

The O.C. Writers Monthly Update

by Megan Haskell

Love, Love, Love

It should come as no surprise that the February blog theme is love. What might be a surprise, is the number of ways our blog contributors approached the theme!

We have some new voices sharing their passion for their work, instructing us on how to build character relationships, and even discussing how love is at the foundation of our art.

We’ll also see many of our regular contributors returning with posts on the love affair between pantsers and plotters, and helping your readers find and fall in love with your work.

It’s going to be a busy month!

Other News

The Southern California Writers’ Conference in San Diego is coming up! Greta and I will be teaching a course titled Choose Your Adventure: From Aspiring to Author. As the title suggests, we’re going to be speaking about the three primary paths to publication (Agented Traditional, Traditional Small Press, and Independent Self-Published), and what it takes to bring your book to market. Along the way, we’ll help undecided authors choose the right path for their publishing personality. We hope to see you there!

Next Month

If you’re interested in contributing to the O.C. Writers Blog, we’re now open for March blog submissions. In March, we’ll be tackling everything green, whatever that means to you. The final deadline is 2/25 to submit your article for consideration. For more information on the submissions process and blog expectations, check out the Submissions Page of the website.



Megan Haskell, Author

Legend has it, I was born with a book in my hands. Thirty-ish years later, I’m a stay-at-home-mom who prefers a good story over doing the dishes. Only now, I’m building my own fantasy worlds! I’m the author of the Amazon best selling series,The Sanyare Chronicles, and Program Director of O.C. Writers. You can find me on my website at, Facebook, and Twitter.


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